Lundaman Classic

The goal was that this loader scale should be as easy to use as our customers wish, at the same time it should be equipped with the latest technology. All the entrepreneurs that have used IBN92 through many years must be able to use this loader scale, one-man companies as well as the largest companies on the construction market.

Lundaman Classic is as small and adaptable as the predecessor IBN92, but it has got a significantly bigger display, on one hand because it should be clearer and make it easier for the driver, on the other hand because several functions should be presented at the same time.

With the results in our hands and according to our customers, we have really succeeded!

The new Lundaman Classic works exactly as a loader scale should work. When You have filled the bucket with material, You make a lift towards the truck. You do not need to think of stopping the work for weighing, but the weighing is done automatically while the bucket is lifted. While moving and weighing at the same time, the loader scale tells the driver how the quality of the lift was. That is why You do not need to worry about how the hole You just drove over affected the weighing.

You can calibrate the scale for 2 machines and 10 tools per machine. This function may be valuable if You use different buckets, forks etc and if the same Lundaman Classic needs to be used in several machines.

The loader scale has a built-in memory, which can give You information about how much You have loaded on a specific truck during a day, week or month, or how much You have loaded of one specific material.

Lundaman Classic has also functions for deletion of remaining weight, deletion of last bucket, taring, separation of truck and trailer, pause, change between tonne and kg etc. If You use a printer, You can show the number of buckets You have loaded on a truck, sum, time and date, receipt number and personal receipt text as company name, phone number, addresses and more.

Lundaman Classic is a scale that is VERY easy to use and everybody can handle it. During everyday’s work You only need to use two buttons.

Contact us at Lundaman and we will explain how we can help You to a simpler loading

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