Cloud-based scale system with communication with LundaServer!

You can easily and conveniently manage the scale directly from LundaServer 2.0. Here you can manage your records, review what has been unloaded and how much you have driven internally, send work orders to the scale, manage immobilizers on the machine, view loadings through GPS tracking and much more!

We also offer integration of your load information directly into the desired business system, either automatically with API connection or manual handling.

We have several connections today, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to know more. We would be happy to have a meeting and explain how this could benefit your business.

Gives you an overview from the office

– Easily download load information for Excel and business systems
– Manage records and sync between multiple machines
– Send and monitor driving orders
– Send info directly via API to your financial program
– Configure and manage your scales directly from the office

See an example view

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