Lundaman Professional

As in every other industry there are customers, who wish to have that little extra from their product and the possibility to improve their way of work and administrate. Thus, we felt at Lundaman that it was time to switch to a higher gear to be able to give our customers the extra they wish for.

Lundaman developed the Lundaman Professional loader scale

The goal was that this loader scale should be as easy to use as our customers wish. At the same time it should be equipped with all the latest technology. It should be a scale for both one-man companies as well as for the largest companies on the construction market.

The scale is as small and adaptable as the earlier Classic, but it has got a significantly bigger display, on one hand because it should be clearer and make it easier for the driver, on the other hand because several functions should be presented at the same time.

New functions in the Lundaman Professional are register for customers, truck numbers, material etc. You can store more than 100,000 loadings in the scale. You can also access daily, weekly or monthly reports or send/receive saved loadings and load orders with GPRS-technology, which wirelessly communicates with the office. The information that has been sent from the scale goes directly to the Lundaman server, which customers can easily access via the Lundaman website.

There is even a possibility to mix different types of material, furthermore You can make and receive phone calls via the loader scale Lundaman Professional. It can do almost everything. But even if we made many functions possible in the scale, the most important goal was still that everyone should be able to easily use it during their everyday’s work without being perplexed of a crowd of buttons and symbols.

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