Weighing System

Loader scales for wheelloaders, forklift trucks, telescopic loaders from Lundaman Instrument

Lundaman Instrument was started by Per Forsman in 1991. He started with sales and production of Lundaman’s first loader scale IBN92. Already then it was the smallest fully automatic loader scale on the market and market leader within its segment. Years have gone, changes and improvements were made to adjust it according to our customers’ wishes. IBN92 has become a bestseller thanks to its reliability, simplicity and adaptability, which ensures that everyone can use it.

In 2007 and 2008, Lundaman developed the latest contribution in the market, Lundaman Classic and Professional in order to complete and replace the old retainer IBN92. The same goals were in focus: small & adaptable, clear display and most importantly very easy to use. The Classic and Professional scales are ahead of their time concerning functions and possibilities. Both models are made to fulfill Your exact needs either You wish a simple show of the weight in the bucket or be able to send and receive information between the scale and the computer in the office. Lundaman Instrument produces its loader scales in Sweden in order to provide the highest quality and best accuracy, difference of +/- 1% maximum.

Lundaman Instrument is with its overall concept: sales, guidance, installation, education, service and development of products and software the only overall supplier of the industry!

Our goal is not to be the largest, but we would like to be the best when it comes to simplicity, service, quality and competitive prices.

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