We at Lundaman believe in simplicity and always aim for a few keystrokes.
The new Lundamanvågen is the result of almost 30 years of collaboration with our customers and especially the machinists who helped us with thoughts and ideas.
Our goal is for the product to be as easy to use as before, but in a new and modern packaging where you as a Lundaman customer recognize yourself but at the same time get much more opportunities.

The Lundaman app
Through new technology, we can offer you advantages such as:
The possibility to choose your own Android device – toad or mobile phone, use together with your own applications.
Software updates so you always have the latest functions in the scale, extended service possibilities through remote control / remote support.

Unload mode

Internal management / Quick selection


• Automatic PDF receipts as standard
• Send and receive driving orders
• Wireless data transfer between machine and office
• Manage your weighings directly in the new LUNDASERVER 2.0
• Easy to integrate with your own apps for your needs!
• Switch between internal/external loading with a “swipe”!
• Fully dynamic, independent of rpm
• CE marking directly on receipt
• The same scale can be used in several machines
• Less than 1% variation, 10 different gear)
• Update to the latest software directly in the wave
• Remote support


With GPS tracking, you can easily track a specific load from the office. When the operator performs a lift, location information is logged and automatically sent to Lundaserver. You get the loading through a satellite image where you can see in which zone each lift is registered.

Click here to read about GPS tracking


For those who want security over both machine and material. Each driver receives a personal code that is entered in the scale to be able to use the machine, all lifts that are made are registered on the respective driver. Log of everything that happened is handled with ease on LUNDASERVER 2.0.

Click here to read about immobilizer

Publish run

With a “swipe” you choose between internal and external loading.

Several different registers

Information is selected by the operator in a clear format with an on-screen keyboard and flexible search function for easier selection. When the truck returns, there are quick selections for previously selected fields.