LUNDAMAN T2 Truck scale

Discover the new generation TRUCK SCALES, adapted to the modern workplace to make your workplace more efficient.

Truck scale for all needs
Lundaman’s truck scale offers a wide solution with everything from simply showing the weight to working with registers to report to the office.
We have functions that make your operation easier, such as quick selection for different types of materials during production runs or quick selection for returning customers.
You can print the load information directly in the cab or send digital receipts.

Dynamic weighing without downtime
With our dynamic truck scale, you can weigh regardless of speed without standing with the truck, you avoid unnecessary stops, which increases productivity.

Easy to use
Our user-friendly design means you can carry out weighing and associate information with loading with just a few simple button presses.

Modern data handling
We have functions for digital management both when printing receipts and when you want to send the information to your office, we also offer tailored solutions where you can send information directly to your business system. For those who want an automated workplace, we can now also offer API connection from LundaServer to several business systems. Contact us if you want to know more about this!

Reliable support
To avoid downtime, we offer a broad support solution. Regardless of whether you need help on site, over the phone or with remote support, we are there when needed!


Support T2
  •  Fully dynamic, independent of rpm
  • Wireless data transfer between truck and office
  • Manage the truck weight and transactions directly in the new LundaServer 2.0
  •  Manage recurring runs through quick selections and favorites right on the screen
  • Switch between internal/external loading by “swiping” the screen
  •  Send and receive driving orders
  •  Software updates directly to the scale so you always have the latest scale on the market
  •  Integrate your own apps


With GPS tracking, you can easily track a specific load from the office. When the operator performs a lift, location information is logged and automatically sent to Lundaserver. You get the loading through a satellite image where you can see in which zone each lift is registered.

Click here to read about GPS tracking


For those who want security over both machine and material. Each driver receives a personal code that is entered into the scale to be able to use the machine, all lifts made are registered to the respective driver. A log of everything that has happened is handled easily on LUNDASERVER 2.0.

Click here to read about immobilizer

Publish run

With a “swipe” you choose between internal and external loading.

Several different registers

The information is selected by the operator in a clear format with an on-screen keyboard and flexible search function for easier selection. When the truck returns, there is quick selection for previously selected fields.