The goal was that the wheel loader scale would be just as easy to use as our customers want, while at the same time it would be equipped with the latest technology. The load scale must be able to be used by all the entrepreneurs who have already used IBN92 for many years, both sole proprietors and the largest players on the Swedish contracting market, such as Skanska, NCC, Peab, Svevia, etc.
Lundaman Classic is as small and flexible as the predecessor IBN92, but it has received a significantly larger display window, partly so that it will be even clearer and make it even easier for the operator and partly so that several functions can be presented at the same time.


The load scale can be set for 2 machines and 10 buckets per machine. The function can be valuable when using different buckets, pallet forks, bait grips etc. and if one and the same Lundaman Classic needs to be used in several machines. 
The load scale is equipped with a memory which, among other things, can provide information about how much has been loaded a certain truck during a day, week or month or how much you crushed of different materials.

Lundaman Classic also has functions for removing remaining weight, removing the last bucket, zero taring, separating car and trailer, pause, switching between tons and kg and more. When using a printer, the number of buckets loaded on the car, total amount, time and date, bill of lading number and personal bill of lading text in the form of company name, telephone, addresses etc. are displayed.

* Weighs while driving
* Only two buttons required during daily work
* 20 work memories
* Can be moved between different machines
* Keypad lighting
* Programmable for 10 different implements
* Pause function
* Removal of remaining weight
* Accuracy +/- 1%
* Printer for printing 2-3 copies of weighing slips
* Printing of old weighings
* Smallest and most on the market easy-to-use load scale 
* Crownable

Lundaman Classic is a VERY easy-to-handle load scale that anyone can handle. In daily work, you only need to use two buttons.
Please contact us at Lundaman, and we will explain more about how we can help you with easier loading.