Lundaman’s new weighing system P2 helps our customers take a step into the future by digitizing their workload. Here you can see a little about our collaboration with NCC, where together we develop the scale to make everyday life more efficient, both for machinists and in the office when invoicing.
Here you meet supervisor Erik Goude and machinist Mattias Johansson, who talk about their everyday life and how one of NCC’s many Lundaman P2s helps them load correctly. The information is then automatically entered into NCC’s business system when Mattias makes sure that the truck received the right amount.
In addition to this, we have functions such as inventory control to keep track of what is loaded internally, hotkeys to enter repeat customers, order processing in the scale and much more..


Here we visit Emil Olsson and Daniel Nordberg at Storkila and Slätte Gård. An incredibly nice and well-kept farm where nothing is left to chance, therefore it was a matter of course to equip their six Volvo loaders with Lundaman weighing systems. They have both simpler scales to load correctly, as well as weighing systems that send data to the office. Join us and hear more from Emil and see how machine operator Daniel drives with our simpler system Lundaman Classic!