For every extra scoop of gravel that the machine operator misses or forgets to account for, there is a costly waste of material for the contracting company. On an annual basis, these are fairly high amounts. To overcome the problem, Lundaman Instrument launched an immobilizer on its load scales. The function also facilitates the control so that the working time regulations are followed according to the mining permit.

It is important to keep track of your costs and follow the authorities’ regulations regarding working hours. With Lundaman Instruments’ new immobilizer, this becomes possible. Each machine operator receives a personal code for the load scale where the immobilizer is located. It records all lifts that the respective driver performs with the wheel loader. This information is then compared with submitted receipts and work orders. The information also shows between which times of the day the work was carried out. If the work takes place in nearby residential areas, the regulations must be followed if you want to avoid fines.

Since each driver has a personal code, the contractor knows who to contact to correct any errors. It saves both a lot of time and money.

A simpler administrative everyday life

In addition to keeping track of load weight and working hours, the Lundaman Professional load scale also facilitates everyday administrative work. All stored information from the load scale is transferred in a transaction file to the office computer, wirelessly or via memory card. It then forms the basis for invoicing and reconciliation

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